Can wind energy run a car?

This is the question that came to my mind when I saw the latest alternative energy news. News has it that a top performance car is being developed in California which uses wind a very unconventional source of vehicular fuel. The engine is said to spurred initially by a solar powered battery before it later starts drawing its energy from the wind. See the news article here


Arctic ice melting into history

Sad to say but our actions are currently leading to our demise. It is about time we change. See the article here

Wind Power Then and Now

Wind power has been a source of energy from as far back as the 1st century AD. In the early centuries when the first set of windmills were built, the blades were made of a wooden frame covered with cloth. Though these windmills were not like our turbines today in look. They were very effective in fulfilling the purposes for which they were made. They were mostly used for grinding corn and to draw up water. Windmills were also used in the sugarcane industry to extract the cane juice for processing.


The windmill as it was known back then was also good in providing a means of pumping water. This made the lives of many farmers so much easier as they could get more water into their fields. It also helped the rail industry by allowing them to send water to wells which were more accessible to steam engines.

However things began to change in the 1980’s. We found out a way in which we could generate electricity by simply using the wind to power electricity producing turbines. This was the beginning of a new era. The design was modified to improve efficiency. Some countries now get up to 19% of their electricity from the wind. The numbers continue to grow as more and more countries realize the importance of using renewable energy such as wind power.

Homemade Wind Power

Water to fuel

Converting water to fuel is one of the best ways to save money spent on gas. It helps improve fuel economy. It gives you a chance protect the environment by reducing your dependence on oil therefore in effect reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emission you put into the atmosphere. You through your actions is given the opportunity to also reduce our dependence on ethanol, therefore reducing our dependence on corn based fuel. That will help to increase the amount of corn available for food which will help to reduce food prices.

Life is one big chain, you see everything is connected. The actions you take today will have an impact on the world tomorrow. It is really tough when you have to pay so much for the essentials in life. It can be so burdensome. That is why am encouraging you to take what ever action you can take to help preserve our environment. If you check out my last post you will see where I made a comment on the plans outlined by Al Gore to have America running on one hundred percent renewable energy in ten years. That is a solid vision and if we could all get on board it would be such a great achievement.

Using water as fuel is one such method that we can use to help make an impact. It does not cost forever to set up and before you know it, you will be saving so much on gas. Water is the source of life people normally say. But could this really be the break through that we need. Only time will tell. See yah. Do check out my page about converting water to fuel. See it here

One hundred percent renewable energy in ten years

That is some dream. I was just checking out Al Gore’s presentation about his renewable energy plans that was done sometime ago and thought I would make a comment. It to me is a very ambitious statement. Very bold indeed. Looking into to it one has to understand what he is doing is exactly what we need. A bold statement that we are going to get something done and gather enough support so that we can gather no moss. It makes perfect sense. Sure he has the support of a great deal of people. That should be strong enough to drive the belief to fruition.

Action has to be taken just the same in other parts of the world, but I will assume that it would be quite expensive if every country attacked the issue at the same time. Assuming that a lot of borrowing might have to take place to cover all the costs. Come to think of it it is a really good idea if the countries that are already saving by using renewable energy could play a part in funding the other countries until the transformation is complete.

Some countries will go at it first I know so it should then be easier for everyone else to learn. Maybe even by then we will find some even more unique ways of solving energy problems. Listening to the presentation I could not help but notice that he said we could lose the polar caps during summer months by the next FIVE years (is that a possibility? well we’ll see in five years). He also mentioned that the rapid increase in global warming is one of the leading causes of tornadoes and lightning flashes such as those causing the California fires.

If that is the case I would suggest that we act really quickly because this is serious. Aside from the large scale renewable energy solutions there are little things you could do to help reduce your main grid energy dependence. You can indeed build your own wind turbines at home. Check this…

Oil prices are trickling down

World oil prices seem to have been taking a down ward turn lately. At one point I can remember it hitting the $147 mark that was really pocket threatening. Thankfully things seem to be gradually receding. How often though is it that we see it go down and then shoot up back because of increasing speculation and such alike. For those you who do have a optimistic mindset keep it because we are going to need it.

You know I must say I am pleased at the way people have taken this gas situation however. Most have managed to put in the necessary measures to keep themselves out of the fury. One of the many measures people are taking is riding instead of driving. Reports have suggested that there was an increase in the number of sales on two wheel vehicles (bicycles, scooters and motorbikes). People are using them to beat traffic and save gas at the same time.

It is all great to see people actively involved in trying to make things better. In the end I think we will all benefit because it is never easy to spend so much for something that is most essential. Hopefully we manage to improve our ability to use renewable energy in homes, that wold really give us a boost and reduce our oil dependence. So in closing have a good day, oil prices are going down, we expect to see the prices at the pump go down as well until then see you.

Run your car on water (view here)

How the water fuel cell really works

First I will quickly say what the water fuel cell does. The water fuel kit is a device that when placed in your car allows you to run your car with water and gas.

Here is a general idea of how it works.

The water cell is set up in a small flask. In the flask water is mixed with a metal hydride to speed up the reaction. An electric current is then passed through the fuel cell which causes water molecules to split into hydrogen and oxygen. It is from this that the cell is able to produce energy to help power your car. In the end you save money and you protect the environment because the only by product of the reaction is pure H2O aka Water. Don’t get this wrong energy is not just created spontaneously without some input. The downside to this is in the production of the metal hydrides because they do not occur naturally.

You can get the instructions on how to set up the system here. Click here